Adding a datastore to vCD 5.5

I have been early adapter of vCD, and been using it for a long time now.

One thing i have noticed is that VMware sometimes makes big changes across versions, and documentation is lacking.

The datastore configuration is no exception.

If you have been using vCD you know that you need to assign the datastore a storage policy in vCenter. this should be done before even searching for it in vCD. its pretty simple step, the policy is actually just a label or a description.

Once done, the datastore will automatically (or after a storage policy refresh) appear in the right policy in vCD.

I have done that many times in the past with no issues. But lately i tried it, but it did not work. I tried refreshing the storage, restarting the inventory service. nothing worked. The datastore just did not show in the right policy.

And then i noticed that after upgrading the vCenter to 5.5 , the storage policies were migrated to tags. These tagging was quite new for me, never used it. All the existing datastores had tags assigned to them, that were copies of the old storage policies.

But i did notice that they are just what they are – tags. so i tagged the new datastore, refreshed the storage policy in vCD and it worked. The datastore appeared in the right policy, and was usable.

So, if you are using vSphere 5.5, remember that do not use the fat client (no support for tagging) , use the web client to tag the datastores before using in vCD.

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